Water Meeting Tuesday June 27, 2000 and Sept 14, 2000    7 pm to 9 pm
Dept of Ecology (DOE) Highline Aquifer Study meeting to present study results
Come show them you care about the quantity and quality of our drinking water.
Where: Highline Performing Arts Center, 401 South 152 St, Burien WA  (206) 433-2292

Some of both Highline and Seattle water comes from under the airport (10 % for Seattle - during dry summer months they use Highline water so Cedar River flows can stay high enough for salmon).
For information check out 'Mid-Study Fact Sheet' on 'Reports' page of www.thirdrunway.homestead.com

Demand an Aircraft Safety Analysis
Did you know, if they build the Third runway, we'll have FOUR runways sharing the same airspace !!!
Four dependent runways in FAA terms (Boeing Field plus 3 at SeaTac).  The Third runway needs to be located about 1st Ave and Highline Hospital to be independent i.e. have its own airspace. It also needs a terminal on the west side to avoid crossing 2 active runways to get to the terminal safely !
Have you heard the results of the recent safety investigations that revealed both pilots and controllers are under reporting accidents and near misses on the ground and in the air? The Environmental Impact Statement said the Third runway would increase the risk of ground accidents by 21%. But, how much higher would the number be if you updated that ancient analysis? Will the first accident be in the air or a fiery crash that kills hundreds on the ground? Demand the Corps of Engineers require a safety analysis as part of their "public benefit" analysis PRIOR to making a 404 wetlands permit decision. Contact the Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District Office, 4735 E Marginal Way South, Seattle WA 98134, Attention: J. Freedman.  Also contact Congressman Adam Smith and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Help build support in King County for SeaTac Air Monitoring (SAM)
Why is our respiratory illness so high, and getting worse?
Did you know airport pollutants aren't regulated like manufacturing plants?
A description of the air study recommended by WA Dept of Health, EPA and Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, as well as names and addresses of people you may want to contact, is at:
  (note SeaTac air but one word, all lower case).  For even more info.go to

Note, if you have trouble accessing these sites you can try the longer version of the web addresses: www.homestead.com/seatacair/index.html or www.homestead.com/thirdrunway/index.html
Or, go to the Homestead member directory for www.homestead.com and search for SeaTac (no dash)

Burien Public Library has a paper copy of the March 2000 report, Addressing Community Health Concerns Around SeaTac Airport. Also, you can sign up for free access to computers with web access.

Sign the SAM petition or take one and have your friends and neighbors sign it. Then mail the completed, or partially complete, Petition to the Regional Commission on Airport Affairs (RCAA) by August 3, 2000.
Copies can then be made prior to submittal to the various elected officials and regulatory agencies.
Please mail Petitions to:     RCAA, 19900 4th SW,  Normandy Park WA 98166-4043
Phone 206-824-3120  FAX 206-824-3451  web: www.accessone.com/rcaa/  e-mail:

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