Contaminated Soil - If it's not the Airport's contaminated soil, the Duwamish soil brought in before it was declared a Superfund site,  it's ASARCO contminated soils

The DOE published another Tacoma Smelter Plume report on the web  April 4, 2002. It covers mainland King County contamination data. It includes unsafe soil contamination levels in Burien, Normandy Park, Des Moines, etc.

Site 62 on Figure 1 is near the Federal Detention Center just south of Sea-Tac airport and near the proposed borrow sites (fill for 3rd runway)

Figure 2, shows the arsenic to be at 48 ppm, which exceeds the state's clean up level of 20  ppm at the Federal Detention Center (circle above the word Des Moines on map to left of Angle Lake)

Maximum Lead concentrations map - 250 ppm is WA's toxic clean up level

Not only are their issues with proposed sources of fill at the airport being contaminated, so are other possible sources such as Maury Island.

Preserve Our Islands   

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Map of Maury Island mining location


Where will the fill com from for the 3rd runway come from?  How many aquifers are endangered? Will it come by double haul truck or barges or both? How contaminated will it be? Thanks to Washington Legislature overuling thier own pollution experts, it can be very toxic. See Table