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Action Alerts (non bold dates regular meetings)
Contact the sponsoring organization for details. Also RCAA office may have information. See Contacts/links page

CASE Meetings - First Wed of the month, Sept thru June each year
Usually held in the ERAC Building (by bowling alley at Burien 5 Corners)

Call RCAA office if site
does not have upcoming CASE meeting information listed..   
RCAA Phone 206-824-3120       RCAA FAX 206-824-3451 
RCAA web:  

                          Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study
Noise Maps & Mitigation especially as related to the Third Runway

Workshop held 2/24/2010.  Next offcial Workshop date not announced  as of 2-27-2010

Call Port  at  (206)787- 4944 to get workshop notices if you don't have email

Sign up to be informed of future workshops at the official site or watch for announcements in Highline Times and the  Port's Air Mail newsletter

Neither the workshop handouts or the site as of 2/27/2010 provide a regular mailing address, however, the following was on a comment card at the workshop:

                              Port of Seattle
                              PO Box 68727
                              Seattle, WA 98168
                              Attention; Noise Programs

Related items
The Port's site  with links to above Part 150 site

WebTrak Tool that tracks flights :

Noise line (206)787-5393

If you want your Part 150 comments posted on a new page that will be created soon, please email me.

Past Postings

Expect an Alert Feb or March 2009. Keep watching for renewal of the NPDES discharge permit to comment on -- could be any day now.
To encourage a public hearing, please conact the  Dept of Ecology to ask for one.
Contact  Mr. Ed Abassi at (425) 649-7227 or email at

Added Feb 2002 For SR 509 and new road to airport hearing & comments ALERT click here
Note EIS did NOT disclose known ASARCO contamination. Also note that the new road to the airport is PERFECT for terrorists to take out the fuel farm & aircraft and then make a fast get-away on the new SR509 that is in a FAA no build zone.

Stop proposal for Port to pay for temproary Army Corps of Eng  employees to fast track permits  Comments due to Corps by Sept 24, 2001
Click here to down load petition . Click here to down load instructions. Both are in Word.
Click here to just view them. Includes some info on the absurd 401 clean water permit issued for te second time  Aug 2001. Hazardous fill is UNSAFE.


Sept 5, 2001 CASE Meeting at ERAC Burien 5 Corners

Aug 2001 - Official comment periods are closed. DOE issued 401 Water permit for the second time 10 Aug 2001. Army Corps of Engineers. Click here for mailing addresses and more information. Contact Corps and make sure the Port really responded to your comments. Contact DOE and tell them to withdraw the illegal permit again.  Permit is at
January 26 , 2001  and January 27, 2001  Army Corps of Engineering/DOE Public Comment sessions  Washington Criminal Justice Center Training Center, 19010 1st Ave South Burien 98148   Click here for more information

Jan 11, 2001 PSRC Meeting should be interesting - ammendments that could kill 3rd runway

Mail comments if you missed the Wednesday September 27, 2000 FAR Part 150 Airport Noise Study Open House and Public Hearing at Highline Performing Arts Center,401 South 152 St, Burien WA, 4 pm to 8pm

FAR Part 150 Study (Flight Tracks/Noise)
Taking Comments through midish Oct 2000
Mail to Ron Seymour, Port of Seattle. PO Box 68727. Seattle WA 98168

Comments may also be emailed to

Where will the planes fly? Who will get insulation?

Special note to those of you that received the Port of Seattle  Update flyer (No 6 - Fall 2000) that shows we are "number one in total expenditure to date for noise abatement..."

The list combined all three New York airports as one airport yet did NOT combine all the King County operations. If we combine all of King County aircraft operations we are about the same as Chicago (O'Hare). That means we will actually one of the busiest, NOT 18th as reported by this flyer. Atlanta has MULTIPLE airports paying for mitigation. Dallas Forthworth is about 8 times larger than SeaTac. O'Hare has engine run up facilites. MInneapolis actualy shuts down a road if engine runups occur in one place to eliminate road traffic noise.

Another point, in their infinite wisdom, Seattle put a land locked airport in the heart of the biggest school district in the most densly populated County in the State. It did not provide any sound buffer zones to the sides and very little north to south.

A more meaningful statistic would be how many people are that were within 55 DNL had their houses bought or insulated. I use 55 DNL since the shrinking noise contours are due to software updates and do not correlate with real noise monitor readings.

Past meetings

Thursday Sept 14, 2000 ( June 27, 2000 notices were mailed out late so they have scheduled this Sept 14 meeting)
7 pm to 9 pm   Project Completion Public Workshop
WA Dept of Ecology (DOE) Highline Aquifer Study Public Meeting,
Highline Performing Arts Center , 401 South 152 St, Burien WA  206 433-2292

Click here for  March 2000 Mid-Study Fact Sheet : which says "Questions about the SeaTAc Runway Fill hydrologic Studies project  may be directed to Dave Garland, Water Quality Program, WA Dept of Ecology, NW Regional Office, 3190 160 Ave SE Bellevue WA 98008 phone 425 649-7031 or email teletype for deaf 425 649-4259"

See "Highline Aquifer Study 1999-2000" on Reports Page of this web site for additional fact sheets & exec summary

Wednesday September 27, 2000 FAR Part 150 Airport Noise Study Open House and Public Hearing at Highline Performing Arts Center,401 South 152 St, Burien WA, 4 pm to 8pm


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