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Action Alert EIS for new South Access Road to airport and SR509 Extension

Dept of Transportation Project: SR509 Corridor Completion/I-5/South Access Road  .     Details at

Also local libraries and City Halls have draft copies of RDEIS (Revised Draft EIS)

Contact John White (206)768-5680
1) Open House Feb 12 2002 at Highline Community College Building #2 (at S 240 ST, just west of SR)    4 to 8 PM
2) Feb 27 2002 Public Hearing - same Highline Community College location as above
Open house 4 to 6:30 PM, Hearing to record public comment starts 6:30 pm
3) March 25 2002 Public Comments due
                           John  White, P.E., Project Engineer, WSDOT, 6431
                          Corson Ave S., MS 61, Seattle, WA, 98108. They
                          can also be submitted via e-mail to John White,
                          P.E. at
Suggested theme for comments - third runway and this project are incompatible - must kill third runway to be able to do this one. Both people's health and the environment are at risk.
Suggested Comments regarding the proposed new section of 509:
1) 509 extension Incompatible with third runway - Kill the third runway since the region needs ground traffic improvement more than it needs a deadly short part time runway (FEIS admits increases aircraft ground incursions)
a) too close to unsafe MSE wall that is placing excessive load on area with soft soils (see red area on map at
b) destroys more wetlands - third runway already destroying too many  - too many flooding problems already
c)  reduces FOREVER the aquifer recharge and therefore available DRINKING water. Combined with the aquifer recharge loss from the third runway we are losing too much water - Terrorism threat is less for underground water sources.
d) too much construction traffic already from third runway
e) too close to third runway safety area       
f) too noisy with highway plus 3rd runway - less trees and shrubs to absorb noise
g) Watershed can't handle the additional construction sediment and other pollutants
h) air can't handle the additional construction particulates and additional construction pollutants. Need ASARCO soil contamination mitigation
2) South access road unacceptable.
a) too near wetlands, Des Moines Creek  (need to double check  maps to figure how much impact )
b) increases capacity of airport. Therefore triggers Clean Air Act diminimus limit (more than 100 tons of NOX) and a full up Clean Air Act conformity is REQUIRED. SEIS for third runway admitted Sea-Tac is " SURFACE TRANSPORTATION LIMITED ", (NOT runway space limited as Port propaganda machine portrays it).
c) NOx at airport contributes to Sammamish ozone problems due to wind patterns and mountains. Need impact on Sammamish ozone from additional airport related pollution the road will allow.
d) too near runway protection zone   (runway closest to terminal)
Posted Feb 6, 2002
Brown's March 24, 2002 comments on Reports page

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